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WP Fix It WordPress Website Support Service Overview

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WP Fix It WordPress Website Support Service Overview

from $39



24/7 Support Access


Code fixes/tasks






Security Monitoring


Virus/Malware Removal


Site Migrations




Money Back Guarantee



  • No tiered plans or packages
  • Real-time live chat and agent monitoring


  • Updates done monthly, not weekly

The WPFixIt WordPress website support service is the top pick in our list of service providers.

They target those website owners with an immediate need to get something done “right now”. This is evident by the big “Fix My Site” button prominently displayed on the home page.

Most of their services are offered with a one-off, flat fee. However, they do offer monthly packages for website management, security, and backups.


Many of the services offered by WP Fix It are billed as a one-time fee. There are three exceptions to this:

  • Managed WordPress Services
  • Security Monitoring
  • Daily Backups & Updates

These three services are offered as an ongoing monthly service with the Managed WordPress service being offered every 3 months. This service also includes the features from the other two plans. So when you purchase Managed WordPress Services, you are also getting Security monitoring and daily backups as well.

There are no tiers or package levels to deal with.

Managed Services$157/3 mos
Security Monitoring$57/mo
Managed Daily Backups & Monthly Updates$34/mo
General Support Fix$39
WordPress Migration Services$47 per site
Infection Removal$97
Infection Insurance$47
Security Monitoring$57
Speed Service$97
Site Tune Up$47
WooCommerce Checkup$47
Backups & Updates Setup$47
SSL (HTTPS) Service$47
GDPR Compliance$177

Service Overview

The method in which the WP Fix It packages are structured is a little confusing at first. Especially when you are comparing their service against other website support services.

The support team at WP Fix It is available 24/7, with their head office located in California, USA. The website does not indicate where all of their team members are located. But we are guessing they have a globally distributed support team. We are guessing this because of the “Join Our Team” description which allows WordPress experts from around the world to join their team of agents.

They have is a plug-in that lets you submit support tickets directly from your own WordPress Dashboard and a dedicated website for support tickets. So they provide multiple options for you to contact them and let you make the choice as to which one is best for your situation.

You have the option to watch the agent fix your problem in real-time for an additional $9. We really liked this feature. It provides a great deal of trust so you can determine in real time the skills of the person assisting you. We can monitor changes and communicate with the agent in real-time.

They also have a Live Chat on the website for presales questions.

The “monthly updates” referred to in the “Keep it Safe Plan” confused us. The Services page says that WordPress core, theme and plug-in updates take place on a monthly basis. However, the details page says these updates take place “as needed”. You may want to gain clarification for your own benefit when you register for their service.

The Bottom Line

We highly recommend the WP Fix It WordPress website support service. Their service scored the highest out of our list of 17 website support service providers. They have covered off every area of WordPress support & maintenance a website owner may require.

If you have used the services at WP Fix It, please leave your review in the comments below along with your own scores for the main topics.

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