Maintainn WordPress Website Support Service Overview

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Maintainn Snapshot

from $49



24/7 Support Access


Code fixes/tasks






Security Monitoring


Virus/Malware Removal


Site Migrations




Money Back Guarantee



  • Weekly status reports
  • Daily backups as a minimum on all plans
  • Proactive 24/7 Security Monitoring


  • High cost for support hours
  • Additional cost for Malware removal

Location: Texas, USA

The Maintainn WordPress website support service clearly focuses on the maintenance aspect of your website. For support or minor fixes, they have what is termed “Support Hours”. These are purchased separately from a maintenance plan.

The team seems very concerned with keeping website owners aware of what is going on with their websites. As you upgrade your plan, this level of communication increases. This is an important feature of website maintenance that Maintain has addressed very well.


Maintainn has three packages for website maintenance; Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The Standard Plan is suited for personal websites and blogs. The Professional Plan is more suited to business and eCommerce websites. Finally, the Enterprise Plan is best for businesses that require a full-time maintenance plan for their website.

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. If you choose the annual payment option, pricing is discounted by 10%.

You can see an overview table of all the WordPress website support & maintenance services here.

Standard $59Professional $179Enterprise $299
Weekly UpdatesAll Standard features plus:All Professional features plus:
24/7 Security Monitoring12/hr Offsite Backups6/hr Offsite Backups
Daily Offsite BackupsUptime MonitoringAccount Manager
WordPress UpdatesPerformance CheckProject Workspace
Weekly ReportsSupport Hours Discount 5%Version Control
Live ChatStaging Updates
Email SupportClient Review Cycle
Support Hours Discount 10%
Support Hours in 5 hour blocks

Service Overview

One of the best features of the Maintainn WordPress website support service is the frequency of off-site backups. The most basic maintenance package includes daily backups with frequency for Pro and Enterprise being 12 hours and 6 hours respectfully. This differs from other providers where a weekly backup is offered with basic packages.

Another area where the Maintainn service is strong is with 24/7 security monitoring. Other providers provide a simple security scanning service on your website. Maintain proactively monitors your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An agent is alerted when an issue is identified.

The Enterprise Plan is one of the few high-end maintenance packages that is worth the money. The dedicated Account manager and the Basecamp project workspace are items that will add the most value to your business website. Basecamp is similar to Slack and allows you to interact with the Maintain Team at your convenience. It also allows the team to provide updates regarding the health of your website.

One of the downsides we experienced is the cost of the Support Hours. You could easily hire a trusted freelancer to provide code fixes and enhancements for around $30-$50 per hour. Support Hours cost $150 per hour and purchased in blocks of 5 hours. So, this means that is you have a small 30-minute fix that you needed, you would need to spend $750 to purchase a 5-hour block of support hours for this fix. While the trusted Freelancer would have charge you only for the hours spent. The Support Hours do not expire for up to 1 year from the time your purchase them. But it is still a huge investment to make for fixes and enhancements.

The Bottom Line

The Maintain WordPress website support service is good for all levels if you just need monthly maintenance for your website. If you require website fixes or enhancements, we would recommend another provider.

If you have used the services at Maintainn, please leave your review in the comments below along with your own scores for the main topics.

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