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FixRunner Personal WordPress Support

From $59.00/month



24/7 Support Access


Code fixes/tasks






Security Monitoring


Virus/Malware Removal


Site Migrations




Money Back Guarantee



  • Money back guarantee
  • 24/7 Support
  • Performance included


  • Weekly (not Daily) backups
  • High Cost for Malware Removal

Location: Global

The FixRunner Personal WordPress support service is available 24/7 globally for website owners and white-label partners. They operate from 3 locations (Israel, USA, and Serbia) to provide a personal support experience for your website.

FixRunner has made a clear distinction between support and maintenance services. They realize that many people are looking to fix an existing problem with their website. But they also cater to those looking for a long term solution to keep their website running smoothly.


The FixRunner pricing model is clearly laid out on their website. You can select a “One Time Fix” service. Or you can select from one of the three support & maintenance plans available.

Plans can be purchased in one-month, three-month or twelve-month chunks. Prices are discounted with longer terms. I was confused when looking at the pricing table on their website. All plans are stated as being a “Minimum of 3 months”. This may be an area to get clarified when you sign up.

The Premium Plan will suit most website owners and is a good point of entry to try out the FixRunner Personal WordPress support service. It includes 90 minutes of support in addition to several important maintenance tasks.

The Rocket Plan is the middle of the road service. You get an increase of support time to 2 hours every month. This plan is tailored for people with an eCommerce or online shop. They have also improved the support response time for this plan. But based on many of the comments I have seen from users, the FixRunner response time is fantastic with all plans.

If you need more support hours or telephone support, the Advance Plan is tailored for you. The beauty of this plan is you also get a dedicated Account Manager. This makes the Advance plan perfect for large eCommerce or enterprise level websites.

FixRunner Personal WordPress support service pricing table

Support Overview

Starting with the support area, FixRunner has a very simple “One Time Fix” service. You visit their one-time support page and open a ticket. You can also use their live chat or contact them via Skype. State your problem to the support technician. The FixRunner team fixes the issue. You review the fix and make a payment when everything seems to be working.


Support tasks are fixes that take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. If you have a more involved update you would like implemented, you can contact the FixRunner development team and they will provide you a quotation for larger projects.

However, the real value is found by subscribing to a monthly plan. The one-time fix service is $49. For $10 more you can have your entire website checked for security, malware and performance issues. All FixRunner members also get access to private posts and premium videos about using WordPress.

Whichever way you decide to work with them, their support is always offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Maintenance Overview

The next area we looked at is the FixRunner ongoing maintenance. As with most other services, they apply WordPress core updates as well as theme and plugin updates.

Backups are the priority of any preventative maintenance effort, and Fixrunner provides regular backups of your website. One backup copy is kept on your website and another in a secure off-site location.

We do wish they offered backups more frequently. All plans currently offer weekly backups. A daily backup would make me feel better about the content of my website. Especially if I am updating my content on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, what matters is the value you will see from using their service. This is provided in the form of the FixRunner bi-weekly reports you will get showing you the status of your website. I could not find any report samples. But perhaps the FixRunner staff have a sample you can request at sign-up.

While the FixRunner support & maintenance plans provide a security scan for your website, the price does not include fixing your website if it becomes infected.

The Malware removal service is an additional fee of $149 for fixing your website. There is an additional charge of $29 to have your website fixed with Google to remove the big red screen warning your visitors may see when you have been hacked. Thankfully, the cleanup fee comes with a 1-year warranty. So if the malware resurfaces at any time during the first year, FixRunner will repair it for free.

The Bottom Line

Based on the reviews from TrustPilot, the FixRunner Personal WordPress support service is highly recommended by many of their users. There are also many testimonials on their website you can review.

Personally, I was very pleased with the FixRunner service and their focus on the basic elements. They have a gift for keeping things simple in such a complex technical environment.

If you have used the services at FixRunner, please leave your review in the comments below along with your own scores.

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